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Lava Cake


What's Katie like?

Katie is a sweet all natural curvy girl of European decent in her early 20s. Expect her to arrive either in casual attire or wearing a sexy form fitting dress and heels. She loves to play and thrives on making your naughtiest fantasies come to life. 

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Image by Jeff W
Image by Jeff W


"I’ve seen Annie before so it was no prob setting up a double. I really loved the pics of them together and waned to explore their vast menu. Had an amazing time and will repeat next time I’m in town.

I arrived a little early as I was anxious to see Annie and Katie. Didn’t have to wait too long and quickly made my way to the door. They looked amazing and I couldn’t wait to get them naked. Once in we quickly dfk before I took a quick shower. I came out naked and hard. Made my way to the bed and helped them out of their clothes. We dfk and felt each other up. Then we transitioned to a standing bbj with Annie sucking away on her knees while I dfk Katie. They switched after a few and I could tell I wouldn’t last much longer. I asked for a double bbbj to completion. They both sucked and licked my dick and balls while keeping sexy eye contact. Shortly after I told them to open wide with tongues out. Blow load #1 and they swallowed ever drop that entered their mouths. Took a quick break and then asked for another bbbj. I was ready to start what I came for - anal pounding. Once I was rock hard I slipped on the cover and started k9 Greek on Annie. I was dfk’ing Katie while I slowly worked Annie’s asshole open. Once I could sense she was ready, I really went to town on her sexy asshole. Then switched covers to take Katie regular k9. I don’t remember what exactly happened next but I spent a good amount of time switching between their assholes in rcg and k9 for the amazing views. Shot load #2 into Annie’s ass while in mish. A quick cleanup and I was ready for another round. While getting a double bbbj I asked if could go back to their assholes and they gave me the go ahead. I prefer to spend as much time, if not all, in anal while hobbying. It’s been like this since I meet my previous SO who preferred anal. My current SO isn’t a fan so I do miss it. Anyways, Katie and Annie met all my anal demands. I spent at least 90% of our time together pounding their back doors. Load #3 was into Katie’s mouth and load #4 into Annie’s ass.

I had an amazing time and left exhausted. If you're into Greek as much as me, run to these hotties ASAP!"


The Erotic Review


Image by Jeff W


"Annie is prompt in responding to communications. She does a light screening for first timers. We set a date ahead of time. Communicated some specific acts that I wanted, which they agreed. The incall is a safe neighborhood, discreet with parking spaces. When I arrived Katie was already there with door left slightly ajar. Annie and Katie really mean to please. Service quality is excellent.

When I arrived we briefly texted to find that Katie was already there in the incall. I entered, kept my belongings on a sofa and started fondling her boobs over clothes. We kissed, the second time with tongue. Her top came off and we lay on a bed. A few minutes and her shorts came off. I started fondling her pussy. Started fingering, she was receptive so soon I used more fingers and increased speed. It was almost dripping wet. I started sucking her boob and at this time Annie entered the room. I went and fondled her boobs over clothes. We kissed, I put my fingers in her mouth. She took off her clothes except for panties. They kissed and Annie went for the Katie's pussy. At this stage I gave them each their donations, which they took and put away. I stood and both started licking my dick from both sides. An act that I had desired. They did deliver this. Next both girls went to the bed with their backs and face on same side. I was standing and started putting my dick in the mouth of one girl at a time and they did suck well. Sloppy! I was finger fucking the next girl when one was serving me. It was an amazing 20+ minutes. Sometimes I went to the other side and gave a quick suck to one pussy while fingering the other. Girls were highly cooperating and responsive to pussy fingering/licking. Katie's pussy is lovely but Annie's front lower part including pussy is also very nice looking. About 20-25 minutes into this I asked Katie to lay on the floor and went to do mish with Annie sucking my balls. This was also somewhat of a pre-decided act. I do not last long in the first one anyway so came up. I had warned the girls about this. It was a big load in the bag. Annie's warm tongue on my balls was very pleasant. The girls next went to the bed on their bellies and did a little chit chat. Before that they cleaned me with warm disposable towels. While they lay in bed I did a little pacing in the room, sipped water from a water bottle that I had brought with me and alternately went on the back of Katie cupping her boobs. After about 5 minutes we repeated a little sucking with their head being side by side. A few minutes later we did round two on the carpet. This time fucking Katie in lazy doggie style while Annie licking and cupped by balls with her mouth. I did pump a few times but came within minutes. The second time too the load was moderate in the bag. We cleaned up, did a little bit moderate fingering, boobs sucking and caressing. I cleaned up a little bit, washed hands couple of time, got clothed while the girls stayed naked and did chit chat on the bed. Very relaxing and pleasant view. I did sit on sofa, made a return phone call that was necessary. I sipped some more water. Said to them good bye. Both came up, kissed me good bye. They closed the door behind as I exited. The girls make you feel they are here to serve and pretty much do most of the things within bounds. Proficiency of English makes the communication easy and get what you want done. Excellent and pleasant service.


The Erotic Review



"I was in Ft Lauderdale for a conference and came across Annie's profile. She was quick to respond and was easy to ask questions of and setup a time with. I inquired about a duo and she suggested Katie. Once I saw her pictures on Annie's site, I quickly said yes! When the two of them arrived I have to say, I took a gulp. These two made my night INCREDIBLE!

Annie and Katie met me at the elevator and watching their asses in the cutoff jeans they wore as I walked behind them was almost too much to handle! Annie remarked how good I smelled and I told her so did she! When we got in the room Katie quickly rubbed my crotch and started making out with me. She undid my buckle and next thing I knew she had me in a BBBJ. I turned and looked at Annie, and she was taking off her pants and I said no no, that's my job! I pulled her close by her waist and helped take off her top and pull her pants down. I led them both to the couch and had them climb on so their asses faced me. I dove right in, DATY and DATO one by one while I had FIA and FIV alternatively. I got out of my clothes and went onto the balcony. They followed me, naked and both knelt before me, ocean breeze, sounds and waves 15 floors beneath us, both giving me an amazing BBBJ and making out with each other. They alternated, standing and making out with me and servicing my cock. I was in heaven. We went into the room and Annie bent over, while Katie and I took turns DATO and DATY with her. Katie then lay down and Annie started eating her out. Katie asked me to straddle her while she let me titty fuck her. I lay down and they both went back to my cock. I lifted my leg and Katie gave me an enthusiastic rimming. On went the covers and I went Greek on both of them successively, in every position I can think of. I finally finished on their faces and they swallowed every drop. Afterward we sipped some whiskey I had brought up and chatted. They are both amazing and intelligent. I wish I could back to Ft Lauderdale just to repeat. Highly highly recommend."


The Erotic Review


Image by Jeff W


"So its not everyday you get to have a threesome. But if you do, you should go for broke. These two are the real deal and worth every penny. VIP's read on...

So I was visiting the Miami area and wanted to use this opportunity to do something I have never done before. Now I came across Annie's site on TER and discussed in advanced what I was looking for. Now I will say this part was already getting me excited. Annie was amazing to communicate with. It was blunt conversations but with respectfullness that allowed everyone to know the dreams, desires, limitations and so forth. Initially I was going to do the incall but after traveling and knew i was going to want to crash so i opted for outcall. It cost a bit extra but I was already planning a night of debauchery so what the hell. After going through Annie's site and looking at her friends I requested Katie. I was happy to hear she was available and willing to participate in all that I had requested. Finally it was time for what I had waited for. I showered, was ready and I met the ladies in the lobby. We hugged and headed to the room. They wasted no time getting undressed. Before I knew they were both completely naked and annie was bent over with katie licking her pussy. Katie let out a chuckle that I was still fully dressed. I corrected that mistake very quickly. I jumped on the bed and the girls both began to give me a bbbj at the same time. Oh there was lots of slurping and attention to the boys. Before I knew it Katie was already on top of me and putting my dick in her. She starts riding me and says I want your cum inside if me. Oh that was it, I lost it and came right away. Then we took a few minutes and Annie gave me a very nice massage. Finally it was time for round two. This time it was Annie that started sucking on junior to wake him up. Let me tell you Annie knows how to give head. Let me just say AMAZING. Forgive me ladies if you are reading this review and I am missing details. I may have blacked out numerous times from our 2 hours of ecstasy. At some point I mention to Annie that I wanted to go back and forth dipping in and out of both of them. Annie responds with that sounds hot lets do it. Next thing you know I am fucking them both back and forth back and forth until this time I cum in Annie. Honestly I couldn't tell you how many condoms or towels we went through but it was all worth it. Best night ever. Treat these ladies with respect and you will get the night of your life. Cant wait for my next trip to Miami! All in all there was DATY, DATO, BBBJ, BBBJCIM, Anal was on the menu and in the plans but they drained me so many times we never got around to it. After two hours they left and I passed out a happy happy man. Thank you ladies. See you again."


The Erotic Review


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