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The screening form is my preferred method for securing your first reservation. Please provide as much information as possible within the first email in order to complete the screening process as quickly as possible.


If you are uncomfortable filling out my screening form, please text me at 305-814-1218 or email me at


Please introduce yourself, give screening info and a location, preferred date, time, and desired duration of booking.

Screening is non-negotiable.


As a safe and respected provider, I do have limitations to my services offered; I will not compromise my health or safety.


When I arrive, please be freshly showered with fresh breath

and trimmed nails. I spend quite a bit of time preparing for our date so I can be absolutely perfect for you and do expect the same in return. If we are spending time together in public for dinner, etc. - please dress commendably. I will be dressed like a lady and will expect to be greeted by a gentleman.


Kindly check your schedule before booking. By accepting your invitation, I commit to being present for our date and will turn away other client offers for the time set aside for you. 


As a Companion, I love seeing men, women, and couples alike!

I pride myself on making the one on one time we have together exciting and memorable.

Please read the following profiles/reviews for service info:




Erotic Monkey

Private Delights

Inquiries of a sexually explicit nature will be ignored. 


I prefer you to leave the fee for my time in an unsealed envelope in the restroom, you may invite me to freshen up.

Do NOT attempt to hand cash directly to me.


If our first date begins in public, please place the fee in a magazine, card, or small gift bag and present it to me within the first ten to fifteen minutes of our date. 


This will always be handled discreetly.


There may be times when you would like me to stay longer, if I have no other engagements, I would love to stay!


Please familiarize yourself with my rates in advance so that you can make adjustments on your own.

Payment will be expected at the beginning of any extended time.

Reviews & Referrals

If you would like to show your appreciation, you may leave a tasteful review for me on




Erotic Monkey

Private Delights


I am happy to give referrals for established friends. Please send an email to let me know that you will be using me as a reference and to expect an email from your provider; this helps me give your reference as quickly and easily as possible.

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